A little taste of S.I.N.

Considering that this is my first novel and I am not a household name (yet) I figure the best way to get some interest generated would be to showcase a chapter of my novel here on my blog. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to leave comments down below.


“Well this family vacation is off to a great start dad.” Mark Sinfield sighed as he stood on the side of the road with his hand held gaming system in hand. The agonized sound of soldiers getting shot echoed out in the open. “We have a spare don’t we?” His brown eyes did not leave the screen of his game.

Peter Sinfield wiped the sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. “Of course we do Mark. Could you go ahead and give me and your brother a hand while we lower it from the back? If it doesn’t interrupt your game of course, would hate for you to get distracted.” After wiping the sweat from his forehead the red sport’s cap he had in his hand went back to covering the receding hairline that Mark had to look forward to when he reached his dad’s age.

“Yeah Mark, put the stupid game down and give us a hand already!” His younger brother Daniel protested as well and pushed his black, horn-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Stacy Sinfield piled out of the car and fanned herself off with her notebook that she had been writing in. She moved behind her husband and rubbed his shoulders. “I’ll help out. I’ve changed a few tires in my life. Though this would be a good learning experience for you Mark, this will happen to you someday. You’ve only been driving with a permit for a year. God knows how terrifying that experience was in general.” His mother teased.

“Well to be fair I don’t want to scrape my knees up trying to get the tire on. I wasn’t planning on the tire blowing halfway to this ‘vacation home’.  I’ll turn the lug nuts or whatever but I ain’t getting on my knees.” Mark reasoned.

Daniel just rolled his eyes as his brother used his blue jean shorts as an excuse as to why he couldn’t help with the heavy lifting. “You’re buying me a new car when I’m old enough to drive right dad? I mean clearly I’ll be better off taking care of it than Mark is and his beater.”

“I’ll beat you.”

Peter sighed and shifted around the S.U.V. He adjusted his own glasses for the moment that hid his pale, blue eyes and found the crank to lower the tire. He churned the steel rod until the spare tire could be pulled free from the hidden compartment underneath the vehicle. “We’ll see Daniel. Helping your father and mother change a tire isn’t really worth a huge reward but we’ll keep this in mind come Christmas.”

“Mark, sweetie, how do you expect to become as strong as your father if all you do is play those video games? At least help your brother out with positioning the jack.” Stacy sighed.

Mark gave in and placed his gaming device in the backseat of the car and slammed the door. He reached for the car jack and grabbed it from his brother and yanked it across the pavement by the handle. It wheeled along with little resistance. “I don’t need to bench press a bus mom,” he whined. “I’m one test away from my black belt. I would say I’m much more capable of being strong than dip wad here.”

“Fuck you Mark; I’m not helping you with English or Spanish anymore.”

“Daniel! Watch your mouth.” Peter said. He rolled the tire over towards his younger son and gave him a pat on his shaggy, blonde hair. “Come on now. The sooner we get this tire in place the sooner we can get to this mansion. Your mother has been dreaming of this vacation for the last year so how about you two stop your bickering and work together for once? You both are talented at different things and if you two would actually use that to your advantage I am sure you could accomplish some damn good things.” Peter scolded.

“We are working together dad. Daniel just doesn’t know when to shut it.” Mark said. He positioned the jack underneath the S.U.V to the point it would catch on the frame. He had to wiggle it around a bit and squat but he was lifting the car in a matter of moments. “See? I know how to jack up a car. I’m contributing to this family fun time!” The sarcasm oozed.

Stacy took her husband by the arm and pulled him behind to watch the two teenagers work. “Let them do this on their own. I am sure they can do it.” She whispered. Her head touched her husband’s shoulder as the boys began their work.
Peter wanted to get to the mansion as soon as possible but listened to his wife more often than he wished to admit. “Yes ma’am.” As her head touched his shoulder he looked down to the slight amount of crow’s feet that gathered near the corners of his eyes. “This is why we had kids anyway right? Get them doing the work while we relax?” He asked. He played it straight without laughing.

“I heard that dad. That’s why we have child labor laws now.” Daniel said. He was looking at the tire iron like it was a foreign object.

Peter’s eyes narrowed. “I told you we started reading to Daniel too soon. He’s too smart for his own good. Takes after his mother” he jested. Stacy jabbed him in the side with a smile.

“We’ve got a good couple of boys dear.”

“Two sides of the same coin I would say. They balance each other out.”

Mark snagged the tire iron away from Daniel and looked at his younger brother. “I’m going to smack you with this. Complain about me not doing any work and here I am doing everything.” He chastised his younger brother and began loosening the first lug nut.

“Remember to go to opposite ends. Don’t just go in a circle.”

“I know dad. I’m not an idiot.”

“Just addicted to video games right?”

“Whatever.” Mark began going from lug nut to lug nut until they were all loose enough that they could be twisted free by hand. He did so and handed them to his father for safe keeping but also caught something out of the corner of his eye. Off in the distance a red corvette was speeding towards the family and their S.U.V. Mark’s eyes lit up and his mouth turned into a grin while he walked out behind their family vehicle and began flagging the speeding car down.

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