It’s been a long road

It’s interesting where inspiration can come from. It struck me when I was working third shift security for a dog food plant. I don’t know if it was the fumes from the factory, the questionable odor that seemed to hang around the shack I had to sit in, or if it was the awesome nights of thunder and rain that sometimes blessed me with a way of not falling asleep while at my post. It could have been a combination of those things really.

Maybe it was sheer boredom. Actually I’m sure it was just sheer maddening boredom of waiting for a semi to pull up and record what they were bringing in.

In any case I have always been a fan of the supernatural and what started out as a short story of being a security guard witnessing something that could not be explained blossomed into an entirely different story. Consistency with my ideas is not my strongest suit but that one boring night of writing reignited what I lost long ago when I was in high school.

Thus S.I.N: Gluttony was born. It took about a year to write and another half a year to even get the stones, or the cash, to send it into an amazing editing service. What began as my little creation turned into something even more. I refined it, re-wrote the entire thing with the editor’s guiding words fresh in my mind and created something even better than I could even imagine and soon I hope to share it with everyone I know. The interior design of the book is nearly complete and after that Gluttony will be available on in both paperback and e-book format.

As for what this blog is going to be about I think it’s obvious that I will be speaking my own mind on subjects such as writing, the supernatural, horror, video games and pretty much whatever I feel like. Expect some sneak peeks at my soon to be released novel as well.


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