Motivation: It’s the worst.

Motivation does not come easy for me. I am comfortable admitting that. I will say that it does not stem from a laziness issue, at least I hope that isn’t the case, but it comes from more of a “I can’t focus” issue. I cannot keep my mind on one thing at once. Even if I am relaxing at home I am constantly browsing different websites at the same time or watching two or three different shows or web critics at a time. I watch thirty seconds of one, pause it, and move onto the other one.

Most of my motivation comes from spur of the moment events. Working out, for example, is done on a whim due to the fact I can never actually schedule myself to go work out and make it stick. I enjoy the feeling of my muscles burning, but telling myself I’m going to wake up the next morning and be out the door five minutes after I wake up is impossible. Same with writing. I did most, if not all, of my novel during the night working at my last job (not my current one) and most nights I would crank out four or five pages because I was quite tired and writing helped me stay awake and alert.

In either case I have been trying to work on my own motivation and there has been some progress. Having a full plate of working full time, going to school full time (technically), and trying to get out a second novel before the first is even out does eat up a lot of time but I guess the key to it all is focus.

How do you manage to whip up some motivation when it is needed the most?

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