The Cost of a Novel.

This probably isn’t any new information to those I’ve spoke with on a daily basis or even a weekly basis but one of the highest hurdles that comes with trying to get a novel out and into the world is the cost. For anyone who lives in the mid-west we all know how terrible jobs pay in our section of the world although it is better than most. This makes it challenging to put out a novel as the cost of editing, purchasing ISBN numbers, and everything else that goes into a self-published book does cost a good chunk of change.

When I finished the first draft of Gluttony in the winter of 2012 I sat on it. I knew it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it professionally edited and at the time I had no money to my name. I tried my hand at self-editing my novel and the truth is if I would have done that I would not be here right now. I would have given up on writing and probably flipped a table or ten. I knew that I would need someone else, a neutral party, to make my novel better.

After a few months of research and shopping around I finally came across an editing service that offered a comprehensive look into my book and did not just hand back scribbles all over my manuscript. BubbleCow, run by Caroline and Gary Smailes, is a European editing company which adds a human touch behind their editing process. The cost was well worth the feedback. As mentioned it was not just a bunch of scribbles telling me what was wrong with my novel. They took it chapter by chapter and broke down how they felt about the book and outlined my strengths, weaknesses, what should be added, and what should be omitted. All in all it both boosted my confidence as a writer and helped hone my final draft. If you want to check out their website you can find it here.

After the final draft was wrote (which was a complete re-write in a lot of ways) I knew I had to grab those pesky ISBN numbers that are printed inside of every book and on every bar code. I also had to buy the bar code. That shocked me a little but all in all it was not a bad investment. For ten ISBN numbers (which can last you three books depending on if you put each book to three media types: hardcover, paperback and e-book) and a few bar codes it only ran me $350.

Thankfully I have an awesome friend that designed the cover and the interior of the book for a nominal fee. This was their first time venturing into such designs and as I said with the book cover showing I was more than impressed with what they have done.

So all-in-all for my very first novel it cost a little over $1200 dollars. Of course this means if I want to even consider this a success I will have to sell over $1200 dollars worth of books but the experience was well worth it as well.

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