And My Indecisiveness Kicks In.

One of the flaws about myself I can freely admit to is that at some times, when it doesn’t really affect an outcome of an event or confrontation, I am an indecisive man. Normally one would think this is not a good flaw when going into the criminal justice field someday but as I mentioned I am indecisive about things that really have no effect on my life at that given moment.

Right now I’m at a crossroads. My first novel is about to go through the final stages of self-publishing and I am about twenty pages or so into my second novel. The issue is I have been chomping at the bit to stop work on the second novel and start writing a story that I began back in my senior year of high school.

The catch is I just cannot read fantasy books and the story I began back then was a clear sci-fi/fantasy epic.

What has me juggling between the two stories is size. Naturally with the sci-fi/fantasy story it is going to be a lot bigger than Gluttony is and that would mean bigger bucks shelved out to have it edited. On top of that I am not even sure how successful my first novel will be, but I know that shouldn’t stop me from putting out something else. Maybe I should just work on both since I have no deadlines. That just might be the ticket.

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