The Reason I Write

I’m not entirely sure who else can relate to such a title but as I sit here thinking about the many things in the world I could do besides write (like actually exercise or read a book which goes hand-in-hand with writing) it all comes down to what we are passionate about. When you have a passion for something it means you do it and you don’t care what other people think. I could probably be the worst writer in the world, and I am plenty sure a lot of people will tell me that I am, but it doesn’t matter. It is what I’m passionate about. It is what I do for enjoyment but it goes further than that.

I write because it is power. I write because it is ultimate control. I get to play God. Egotistical right? Though take a second to think about it; I am creating an entire new world and breathing life into people, places, and things that actual people may end up caring about. If that is not power I don’t know what is.

It’s cheesy to quote but with great power comes great responsibility. These characters I create will be suffering real consequences for their actions. Their lives are ultimately in my hands and at the same time I am responsible for showing these characters the proper respect with who they are and why they are alive in my world. If I do not respect my own characters, my own creations, why should anyone else respect or care about them?

Eventually I hope it comes to the point where I’m no longer writing for control and power. Those are fleeting reasons for why I write at this point and my goal, or my dream, is to write because I owe it to everyone who believed in me and the talent I may or may not have.

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