Giant Confessions

I have to admit when it comes to being a fictional writer you have to have a least a little bit of an inner “geek”. Whether it is the supernatural, a strong fantasy world, or some distant galaxy light years away, there is something inside of us all that we just go “fanboy” or “fangirl” over. Anyone who denies this is not only lying straight to your face but is lying to themselves as well. I feel bad for those people.

In any case for me my go to source of being a geek is none other than the King of Monsters himself: Godzilla.


You don't fuck with this guy

You don’t fuck with this guy

I can’t remember the exact year I was introduced to the G-man but when I was I was instantly hooked. To my knowledge Godzilla has the most movies under his belt, rivaling James Bond for the number of movies made. Off the top of my head I think there are well over thirty full feature-length movies to date and, of course, the upcoming one that inspired this post.

Despite having over thirty movies I can probably understand how a lot of people have no idea who Godzilla is or why he had such an impact. This is understandable as most of those thirty movies made were filmed in Japan with only I believe three Godzilla movies having a theatrical release in America. Those who remember the first American version was released back in 1998 and while I thought it was a decent representation of Godzilla I can understand why the majority of people hated that movie. The second was Godzilla 2000, another Japanese made film and finally, after fourteen long years we have Godzilla coming to us the way he was meant to be on May 16th of this year.

So I guess the question remains other than childhood nostalgia why all the excitement? The truth is I think it has to do with scale. The phrase “bigger is always better” and in terms of action and excitement you cannot get much bigger than Godzilla himself. Though I have to admit I am a sucker for giant monster movies and I always will be. “Cloverfield”, “Pacific Rim”, and even the very underrated “Eight Legged Freaks” just make me sit in awe.

It might also have something to do with uniting the human race. Think about it for a second . . . it seems to be that in movies that threaten the human species or just a populace we put our differences aside in order to preserve ourselves. When humans experience something that is far greater than what we are, whether it be in physicality or intelligence, all the hate, all the anger, and all the animosity we have towards one another goes right out the window. That’s right folks I’m saying it right here and right now: in order to achieve world peace we need to be threatened by a 350 foot tall radioactive lizard. That is the only way it will happen. And even then it’ll be a short lived peace.

Disclaimer: Godzilla and the images used are all copyrighted by Toho and Legendary Pictures.

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