So close I can taste it!

The final stages of my novel being complete is coming to an end. The interior design is nearly complete and even now I am shaking. It’s unnerving not from the idea that my first novel may not succeed but rather I still am blown away that I was capable of creating something like this.

I guess you could say I never actually thought I would make any of my dreams come true. This started out as a hobby and I wish, I wish I could actually make a career out of this but I know that for a novelist to gain that kind of following and money it will take years upon years of hard work and with any luck I’ll be able to provide that hard work for everyone who may enjoy my books.

I want to thank everyone who actually believed in me and also those that kind of didn’t. I mentioned in another post that motivation is a tricky thing. I wrote this book for myself more than anything and when it comes down to it some people are motivated by the negative things in life. Taking negative comments from others, while most of the time should be ignored, can be a catalyst to ignite something amazing. Those negative comments didn’t necessarily spur me, as writing this book was not one based on negative thoughts, but I’d like to think that everyone feels good proving others wrong.

So to that I say cheers! Drinks will be on me very, very soon.

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