Who knew the spring could get so busy.

Hello again everyone. Spring is here, or if you live in Iowa like I do you’ll still have to wonder if we are going to get another snow day. Seriously it snowed here on the 14th I believe. Iowa exists in its own pocket dimension. I swear it.

Regardless time is going by much faster than I want it to. Between school work and my job of mine I have been overloaded, which is fitting since the school year is ending and my job is to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible at the place I observe. Cryptic I know but what can you do?

I’m still working on S.I.N Wrath and chugging away at it. If all goes well and I keep my head to it I should be able to get the first draft done by the end of the summer. That is what I’m hoping anyways. If I lived in a perfect world I could have it cranked out by the end of June. Again in a perfect world.

I do want to just say thanks again to everyone who has been supportive of me throughout all of this. I am just completely blown away by how much people actually get excited that I have a book written. To everyone that does read Gluttony and enjoys it I promise I will do my best to ensure my other books surpass the last. I’ll not only owe it to myself, but all of you to constantly improve my storytelling and writing.

This is a test. Everything always will appear normal.

A while ago I wrote a two part narration about two things we manifest in ourselves at a very young age: courage and fear. That got me thinking about what I am afraid of in life and what event it was that set me off.

My two biggest fears? Spiders and bees. I will not lie to you I will napalm my own house if I see a spider in it that I deem more formidable than what my shoe can handle (I wear a size 18 shoe so give that a thought) and on the other hand bees are the definition of a homing bullet. I don’t care what I am doing or where I am at in the summertime, if any bee spots me its only mission in life is to bring me pain. I hate them more than spiders.

So where did these two phobias of mine originate from? Well the bee one is simple. I was out playing in the yard and having just the best time ever. I was jumping around, bouncing up and down, tumbling as most children do.

Unfortunately when I tumbled my back went right onto a bee that was near a flower. Boom, right there I got a stinger in the back. I didn’t know what it was at the time and I wish my mother at the time would have made up some unknown entity that only existed in this world once every fifty years instead of telling me it was a bee.

A year or two later I was in a new home and the pizza man didn’t know to deliver to the back door. In my bounding glee I tore open the front door, which was never used, and a hornet’s nest that had been so lovingly crafted in the corner outside was jostled from my excitement and a nice blue hornet decided to share its gratitude with me by landing on my hand and burying that stinger deep a few times.

So yes I have a general fear/homicidal tendencies towards bees. Spiders, on the other hand, was a much more creepy introduction.

I knew what spiders were as a kid just as much as I knew what bees were. I just didn’t know bees could be manifestation of pain in flying form. Spiders were sneaky. Spiders would be seen and then when you look away they disappeared. Didn’t pay them no mind.

One night, as a child, I woke in the middle of the night to the sight of a spider dangling about, oh, three inches from my face. I do not think it was a dangerous one but I sat there with my eyes crossed looking at this thing none-the-less. I couldn’t move.  I had to have laid there for several minutes contemplating how to get out of the predicament. I was scared though. Fearful. I finally realized I had the motor skills to scoot myself to the side and tumbled off the bed without any grace at all.

But it all has to start somewhere doesn’t it? There has to be one triggering event in our young lives that jump starts what we know as “fear”. It is not something we just imagine. It isn’t a conjuration of some mysterious thing that lives in our closet or under our bed. Fear is intangible. It can be anything.  We can learn to live with it, conquer it, or let it ruin our lives. It is our choice.

Me? I’m still terrified of bees. If I see a honeybee, the more friendly looking version of flying death, I do not freak out as much but something streamlined like a hornet? Well nowadays I have weapons to fight back and it is usually in the form of some liquid killer. I know some will say that is inhumane and that they will “leave me alone if I leave them alone” but that has never been the case. I could be minding my own business and a bee will put me on its shit-list of things to fuck up for that day. It is either me or them.

As for spiders they don’t bother me any longer. If I am feeling charitable I will maybe launch them outside via some sort of wood plank or paper but if they decide to put up a fight I have no qualms with showing them the fear does not grip me any longer.

So what fears do you have? Do you think about them sometimes or are they something that only you think about when confronted with it? I would love to know.

And with that brief hiatus . . .

I have to admit I was astonished to find out how many people initially were interested in my book. I planned on giving away thirty free copies of my novel to those that I know around me and in other parts of the world. As soon as I got the word out all thirty copies were reserved by people in less than two days. I was floored.

So now that Gluttony is out I can say that my next book is well underway. I feel that I have grown already as a writer and I plan on improving myself with every word I write. My next novel, I am hoping, will be a much meatier read than Gluttony.

On top of that I still have that fantasy story brewing in my head. After this novel I think I might dive in and create that world for sure.

Thanks for the support once again and I will do my best to get some more short stories on this blog.

S.I.N Gluttony is now on Amazon!

The day has finally arrived and I can’t put into words the emotions I am feeling right now. It’s like a mixture of everything hitting me all at once. It has been a long, long road and I will have to put in more work than ever now that it is out. Marketing is so much fun. I’m currently working on the second book in the series and I can only hope that in the next coming years this does take off but even if it doesn’t I can still take solace in the fact that with a little help from my friends and those who supported me I actually got a novel out and into the world.

For those who are interested you can find S.I.N Gluttony here at Amazon and Createspace.

I still need to get the ebook version up and running and it should be available soon as well.

Please wait 5 to 7 business days.

Well here we are at last. The proof has been proofed and after a few minor tweaks to the layout of the novel I am proud to say that as the title suggests my book S.I.N Gluttony will be hitting the internet by hopefully next Friday. I am more than excited to have it finally released and I will be doing my best to get my hands on a few copies to sign and give out to those that have supported me and believed that I could pull something like this off.

It is going to be an interesting year. Now my only issue is pumping out my next novel which I hope a lot of you will be eagerly awaiting.

Thanks again everyone. It’s been a blast.