And with that brief hiatus . . .

I have to admit I was astonished to find out how many people initially were interested in my book. I planned on giving away thirty free copies of my novel to those that I know around me and in other parts of the world. As soon as I got the word out all thirty copies were reserved by people in less than two days. I was floored.

So now that Gluttony is out I can say that my next book is well underway. I feel that I have grown already as a writer and I plan on improving myself with every word I write. My next novel, I am hoping, will be a much meatier read than Gluttony.

On top of that I still have that fantasy story brewing in my head. After this novel I think I might dive in and create that world for sure.

Thanks for the support once again and I will do my best to get some more short stories on this blog.

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