Everyone really hates hearing the truth.

It’s true.

I started this blog to try and promote my book and discuss things that I like but I made the ultimate mistake when browsing the internet: I actually came across and read opinions that people throw around like they are facts. It makes the blood boil. Everyone has a right to toss their opinion around, there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to have some sort of logic behind your opinion to make it a valid opinion. If you are on the internet and put yourself out there, whether it be facebook, blogs, or twitter, you have the responsibility to at least have some knowledge on your opinion.

If you do not then your opinion doesn’t matter. That is a fact. For example you could hold the opinion that the sky is actually the color of hate and that rain is secretly the tears of angels. Believe that all you want. Don’t spout it as fact. Furthermore if people call you batshit crazy for believing that you have no right to get defensive of your opinion unless you have facts to back it up.

If you don’t have any facts to back up your opinion then you need to shut the hell up. Simple right? Personal experience can count, but only if that experience has been documented by others as well. Spanking, for example, is a hot topic when it comes to how to discipline your children. There are valid opinions on each side. There is plenty of topic for debate. Saying that spanking children raises them to be murderers, however, is not a valid opinion. You are throwing around an absolute and only assholes deal in absolutes (ironic I know). At the same time it is possible to negotiate with your children to get them to behave, but if you’re dealing with a screaming child in a public place there is a good chance trying to negotiate with a child probably is not the best bet at that point.

There are many, many more topics in this day and age that people throw around as fact: all gun owners are sane individuals. All gun owners are crazy rednecks. Minorities all steal, white people are devils and want to eradicate all minorities, men are all rapists, women are all gold diggers. The list goes on. If you believe any of the previous examples well congratulations, you’re a fucking moron.

We live in a world where we can find information on ANYTHING if one takes the effort to look it up. The internet is an amazing tool to enrich our lives and we can use it to better ourselves for it. You want the truth? We suck. Human’s suck. I don’t mean that in a “we are destroying the world” kind of sucking, but we have all this information at our hands and we still proclaim that our opinion is solid fact without taking time to back up those claims. I’m here to help you. I’m even here to save you.

The next time you have an opinion on a topic take a moment to search your memory: Do you recall having dealt with that topic before? Have you researched anything on that topic? Did you hear it on Fox News? Did you hear it on The Daily Show?

Remember your opinion does matter. Everyone’s opinion does but only if it’s a well thought out, researched opinion. Most people will ignore your opinion if you back them with evidence and there is no greater feeling than knowing that your opinion is more valuable than another’s because you actually have the information to back it up. It may be opinion, but I think everyone loves to win so make sure you stack your corner as much as possible.

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