Exciting Times Ahead.

Well for one my shoulder is doing a lot better but never mind that shit, gotta man up. As mentioned previously I have two months to go before I graduate with a double bachelors in psychology and criminal justice respectively. It is an exciting time but that is not all. For anyone that may have picked up and read my first novel “S.I.N Gluttony”, which is still available on Amazon and other retailers online, I would like to say that I am coming right along on my next outing which will be “S.I.N. Wrath”.

It is amazing how much more fluid it feels on this second novel. Where there was uncertainty and immaturity in the past I feel like I have grown exponentially as a writer and I have the few people brave enough to give me some constructive criticism about my first novel. Writing is just like any other sort of skill or activity; it takes practice. It is like mentally lifting weights in that I need to tear down my ability and see where my weaknesses are before I can build upon and strengthen it.

After “Wrath” I might begin work on the elusive idea that has plagued me since my senior year of high school. It keeps itching at me right now but I don’t feel like writing two stories side by side would be prudent. Though we will have to see.