About Me

My name is Cody Hutton and I am doing my best to redefine success as most people see it. Right now I’m not swimming Scrooge McDuck style with my bank account but with any luck that dream will be achieved before I am dead. Though money isn’t everything in this world, it really isn’t. I suppose one could say that my long term goal is to just own a hot tub so one would not need an extravagant tower of coins to achieve that.

My first novel, “S.I.N: Guttony”, has been circulating on Amazon and Createspace for a while now. I am a huge fan of the supernatural and the unknown and I finally worked up the nerve to create my own world and story with it. With any luck I can create a series of S.I.N novels and I’m working on the next one right now.

In my free time I am usually about one thing: Video games. I grew up with Mario and Sonic, know what I’m sayin’? Video games have had a huge impact on my life and during my childhood I spent the majority of my days exploring worlds other than my own since the nearest kid my age lived about four miles away which made it impossible to have a lot of interaction with my peers outside of school.

Though I don’t regret growing up outside of civilization. Thanks to that I have a vivid imagination and that is what allowed me to write my first novel.

As of today I am currently in the process of obtaining my Master’s degree in Counseling and therapy at Northwestern University via their online program. It has been a wild ride and I must say that I have had the honor and privilege of meeting dozens of my fellow students recently and it was a life changing experience. I cannot thank them enough for the gifts they have given me.


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