Pending some potential legality issues I technically am now a graduate of college with two bachelor’s degrees. Hurrah! The last four years have been insane. Between college, doing my best to advance my career and even trying my hand in the book world, I have to admit they have been busy but worth it. I have learned a lot about the way I think, how I feel about certain issues in the world, and even if I am a hermit I am still living ¬†fulfilling life on my own terms.

I wouldn’t say that I am drained, not in the least, but much like everyone who completes something worth celebrating I want to take a bit of a break, but that won’t be happening for another month at least and there is no real sense in trying to slow down. I’ll have to look into getting licensed when it comes to my first degree and also what positions I could bowl my way through with my second degree. If I have to go from a chubby, tall freak to a outright mass of muscle Tank ala “Left 4 Dead” then that will have to be my next goal.

Next month I have the privilege of heading to an elementary school to talk to children about reading, the importance of books, and writing in general. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity and I cannot wait. I hope they still have the Book-it program. Reading a book in order to get pizza? Hell sign me up for that right now.

I plan on getting back into doing some short stories over the next few weeks. I’ve been dabbling with ideas and “S.I.N Wrath is about 80 pages in. I should have more but college really put the grind on over the last few months. I cannot wait to get back into the game. See you all soon.

Exciting Times Ahead.

Well for one my shoulder is doing a lot better but never mind that shit, gotta man up. As mentioned previously I have two months to go before I graduate with a double bachelors in psychology and criminal justice respectively. It is an exciting time but that is not all. For anyone that may have picked up and read my first novel “S.I.N Gluttony”, which is still available on Amazon and other retailers online, I would like to say that I am coming right along on my next outing which will be “S.I.N. Wrath”.

It is amazing how much more fluid it feels on this second novel. Where there was uncertainty and immaturity in the past I feel like I have grown exponentially as a writer and I have the few people brave enough to give me some constructive criticism about my first novel. Writing is just like any other sort of skill or activity; it takes practice. It is like mentally lifting weights in that I need to tear down my ability and see where my weaknesses are before I can build upon and strengthen it.

After “Wrath” I might begin work on the elusive idea that has plagued me since my senior year of high school. It keeps itching at me right now but I don’t feel like writing two stories side by side would be prudent. Though we will have to see.

Displaced vertebra = inability to use arm.

The last two weeks have been so very, very exciting. I woke up in the morning a few Thursdays ago and found myself unable to look from left to right or up and down without some extreme pain through my neck and shoulder area. The stiffness of my neck and shoulder was nothing new since I have been dealing with a bum shoulder-blade for the last few years. The pain was entirely new.

Sitting, standing, laying down, it didn’t matter to this brand new stabbing sensation. I finally buckled down and went to visit the chiropractor. I would have gone to a normal doctor at first but I can’t really bring myself to go to the hospitals around my town. I had work to do after all.

So I get in and to my delight the chiropractor was a young practitioner. I did not catch when he graduated from his schooling but I thought it might have been 2010. In either case the years upon years of dealing with assholes like me had not taken its toll on the young doctor and his assistant and they helped out with information, describing to me what was wrong with my shoulder, and even started cracking and popping things back into place.

It turned out that a vertebra or something in my spine that should have been horizontal was more along the lines of diagonal and it was pinching nerves in my shoulder and neck area. It took three visits but the discomfort level every time I left was significantly lowered.

While they don’t have my facebook or any of my blog information I still want to give a shout-out to Dr. Trevor Tennant and Abigail Rose. I don’t put my faith in too many doctors of any sort with my past experiences but you guys are the best.

It’s the bottom of the ninth and I need a vacation.

Three more months. Three more months until I can finally get this camel off my back known as “college”. Thee years and nine months so far of having absolutely no breaks from it since I am a working adult and going to traditional college classes would be a near impossibility. Nearly every week since 2010 I have had to write at least two or three pages on a certain topic and that doesn’t even touch the amount of “discussion” forum posts I’ve had to make.

I am ready for it all to be done. The problem is I will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminal justice. In retrospect I feel those are two solid choices that could open a few doors but at the same time I don’t really live in “Crazytown”, U.S.A or “Everyone’sanevilmastermindtown”, U.S.A either.

I have to hand it to those who are out there working full time and going to college full time. Even though I am doing the same thing I feel other people do much more with their lives even when they have a full plate. Most of the time I feel like I am just lazy. I don’t really socialize and I spend most of my time at home thinking about homework or my next book. Despite graduating in three months I still don’t feel like I have accomplished anything.

I know that can’t be true.

I think my biggest fear is that I will graduate but still have nothing to show for it. The school I am attending just settled a seven million dollar lawsuit and the truth is I cannot even find information as to why they had to settle. That makes me feel unsure about my future. If I threw away four years of my life for something that will end up being worthless then I have no clue where I’m going to go from there.

Gluttony Now in Digital Form!

Well that took much longer than what I thought it would but now S.I.N Gluttony is available for Kindle and other e-readers!

It is available on all e-book formats and can be found on my amazon page:


Barnes and Noble:


and a multitude of other e-readers. Once again I cannot thank everyone enough for the support I have been receiving. It is a dream come true.

I am currently working on S.I.N Wrath and it is coming along quite well. I hope to have it released next spring if time allows.

The King of the Monsters is still the King.

So yeah, Godzilla.



This Guy.

I made a little post a few months back about Godzilla and basically all I have to say about the new movie that came out is that it has to be seen on the big screen. A lot of people won’t care about it, much like I couldn’t care less about Jon Hamm finding baseball players in India, but anyone who is a fan of seeing things wrecked and destroyed will not be disappointed with this film. Oh and those that love giant monsters will love it as well.

Those of us who have been around and saw the reviews might be intrigued about the negative posts about how Godzilla is not in this film at all. I hate to be that guy that says “they don’t understand” but the fact of the matter is they do not. Especially if they say they are fans of the Big-G.

Almost every Godzilla movie has that human element in it. The small, minuscule people drive the movie. They outline why the big bad monsters are there and the truth is you don’t really see much of Godzilla in Godzilla movies.

That being said, however, there is well more than enough time dedicated to Big-G. The movie does well in teasing the audience (and if we can’t use the excuse that we’ve been teased too much in other aspects of life you can’t do it here either) to the point of the big payoff and the payoff is just that, HUGE.

I believe a lot of people who look at a film in the negative based on how characters react to a situation do not quite understand how some humans emote in the real world. Without revealing anything there is a character in the film that has to compartmentalize a lot of events that go on so that they can actually complete the goal they set out to do. People may say the character is emotionless, wooden, or just uncaring but that is not what the character wants to feel, but has to.

Long story short I say with full confidence that you must see this movie on the big screen. There is absolutely no greater feeling than feeling your own chair and body shake when you hear that magnificent roar for the first time.

As always Godzilla 2014 is owned by Legendary pictures and the Toho corporation.